out|side [ ,aut`saıd, `aut,saıd ] function word ***
Outside can be used in the following ways:
as a preposition (followed by a noun):
He was sitting at a table outside the café.
as an adverb (without a following noun):
Why don't you go and play outside?
It's cold outside.
as an adjective (before a noun):
the outside wall of the building
as a singular noun:
The house doesn't look very impressive from the outside.
in the preposition phrase outside of:
We usually hold meetings outside of business hours.
He has told no one outside of a few close friends.
1. ) used for saying where someone/something is
a ) not inside a building:
Outside the sun was shining.
I could hear the sound of voices coming from somewhere outside.
b ) close to a place, building, or room but not in it:
Three police cars were parked outside their house.
We waited outside in the hallway until it was our turn to go in.
A crowd had gathered outside the gates of the U.S. embassy.
The exhibition will open on a site just outside Paris.
c ) away from a particular country, area, or town:
outside of: Her name is almost unknown outside of Latin America.
The air is much cleaner outside Los Angeles.
d ) outside toilet/stairs etc. a toilet/set of stairs etc. that is not inside a building
2. ) moving or looking out of somewhere
a ) moving or looking out of a building or room:
I walked over to the window and looked outside.
Let's go outside and sit in the sun.
Residents were warned not to venture outside their homes.
b ) moving out of a country, area, or town:
Emily Brontë had never traveled outside Yorkshire.
3. ) the outer part of something used for referring to the outer part or surface of something:
outside wall/surface/shell etc.: The outside walls were painted gray.
First remove the outside skin of the onion.
the outside of something: The outside of the house is in urgent need of repair.
4. ) not within the limits of something
a ) not within the limits of a particular time, range, or situation:
classes held outside normal school hours
The failure was caused by circumstances outside our control.
Till then love was something outside my experience.
b ) not within the limits of a particular subject or activity:
George's passion outside business is playing.
outside of: mathematical discoveries that will have a big impact outside of mathematics
5. ) except except a particular thing or person:
outside of: I seldom meet anyone outside of the people I work with.
6. ) not within a particular group or organization
a ) used for saying what is done or known by people who are not in a particular group or organization:
Observers outside the government believe the program is a waste of money.
The secret was never revealed outside the family circle.
b ) used for referring to people who do not belong to a particular group or organization:
outside help/interference/influence etc.: State governors resent outside interference from Washington.
outside experts/contractors/advisers etc. (=ones not employed by the organization): The department has commissioned outside contractors to do the job.
from outside: The company brought in advisers from outside.
7. ) the largest possible amount
a ) at the (very) outside used for showing that you are mentioning the greatest amount or the longest possible period of time, although the real amount or time may be less: AT (THE) MOST:
The job must be finished within a month at the very outside.
The boy can't be more than 16 or 17 at the outside.
an outside chance
if there is an outside chance of something happening, it is just possible but unlikely:
There's an outside chance that we'll both arrive on the same day.
The team still has an outside chance of winning in the 1,000-meter event.
on the outside
1. ) used for talking about the way someone or something seems to people, when this does not show what they are really like:
He may be cheerful on the outside, but that's not how he feels.
Things are a lot more complicated than they seem on the outside.
2. ) used when describing the outer surface of something:
The steak was burned black on the outside, but inside it was still raw.
3. ) not belonging to a particular group or not working within a particular organization:
People on the outside find it difficult to understand how the stock market works.
4. ) used for referring to what is happening outside a prison or institution when you are inside it:
Most of the patients could no longer remember what life on the outside was like.
outside interests/experience/knowledge etc.
interests/experience/knowledge etc. that are not connected with, or not a result of, the work you do in your present job:
You must not let your outside interests interfere with your work.
outside line/call
a telephone line/call that is connected to people in other places or organizations:
How do I get an outside line?
─ opposite INSIDE

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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